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BUMPHBureaucratic Unsolicited Mountainous Paper Heap
BUMPHBrakes Undercarriage Mixture Propellor Hatches (aerospace, pre-landing checks)
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. We'll probably never know who Skeetchy and Bumph were either!
Ironically, the advertising bumph boasts of "free customer service to suit you answered by a person, not a machine".
It is really no coincidence that the question, "Did you score?" is equally as relevant in the locker room as in most wineries' promotional bumph.
'The pre-course bumph is all about psychology, fitness and man-management.
The second list contains 90 words of five or more letters: beefy, befitted, beige, bemixed, Bette, betted, bigeye, bitty, boyhood, bugeye, bugeyed, bumph, bumpy, butty, chebec, checked, chick, chipmuck, chuck, chucky, chymic, cubic, Debye, demurrer, ditty, dogtooth, dumky, dumpy, dunning, embed, emitted, emyde, ephebi, epithet, eutectic, exhume, exhumed, exude, ferrer, fetted, feued, fixup, fritterer, fumette, funning, gimpy, gutty, hedge, hempie, Hettie, hexed, hiccup, hotfoot, humid, humpy, impede, imphee, intendment, kedge, keyed, kitty, merrier, misguesses, mixup, mucic, murderer, ninny, outfoot, Panamanian, pellmell, Pennine, petite, petted, pigmy, pudgy, punning, puttee, putty, skepsises, speisses, successes, teeth, tempted, tight, tufty, tutee, unkenned, unpenned, uptight, yeuked
For that we move to Peter Keleghan, Mercer's Made in Canada co-star (and it is a pleasure to be able to write "co-star" and know it's not publicity bio bumph).
There is a lot of policy, theory, and "bumph" but no action to speak of.
Discounting high-flown bumph, what happened was that a group of powerful and intelligent people recognised a unique situation, raised some cash, and created The Emergency Rescue Committee.
A plain answer is required please, not a load of political bumph and side stepping.
Great Exploitations has a melodic crunch from Scott Hetherington (who the bumph says can run the 100m in less than 11 seconds) singing "stand up for mercy".
Mrs M Tucker Llanedeyrn, Cardiff | My Ode to Mumph: To our Echo cartoonist Mumph You've enthralled us with your latest "bumph" I am sure with Cwm Offit You'll make a profit And realise your well-earned triumph I honestly don't know when You became so inspired by Gren Who you knew we would miss So you came up with this (Cwm Offit) With your ever-so-magical pen.
The advertising bumph for Celtic's curtain raiser to the season goes on to mention the match's value with regard to preparations for the Champions League qualifiers.