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From the gas-fixture hung a tangled bunch of well-scribbled dance programs.
Just the same he's oodles better'n your bunch of hoodlums that no decent woman'd wipe her one pair of shoes on.
The poor man howled loudly for mercy and made no resistance when Jinjur drew the bunch of keys from around his neck.
A high velvet hat, audaciously turned up in front, with a bunch of pink roses and a sweeping plume, was cocked over one ear, and, with her curls braided into a club at the back of her neck, Rose's head looked more like that of a dashing young cavalier than a modest little girl's.
I kept this day as a solemn fast, setting it apart for religious exercise, prostrating myself on the ground with the most serious humiliation, confessing my sins to God, acknowledging His righteous judgments upon me, and praying to Him to have mercy on me through Jesus Christ; and not having tasted the least refreshment for twelve hours, even till the going down of the sun, I then ate a biscuit-cake and a bunch of grapes, and went to bed, finishing the day as I began it.
The depleted band drew a long breath of relief and gathered itself into a bunch to complete its trip.
See the weeds she trails along with her, and what an unsightly bunch of those horrid barnacles has formed about her stern-piece; and every time she rises on a sea, she shows her copper torn away, or hanging in jagged strips.
Captain Jim had come up that afternoon to bring Anne a load of shells for her garden, and a little bunch of sweet-grass which he had found in a ramble over the sand dunes.
You might put that little bunch among yours, Mistress Blythe.
In general, shoot and bunch thinning is performed to improve the chemical composition of grapes by controlling the relationship between leaf area and fruit mass, a measure of source-sink balance (DAYER et al.
Although it remains a pillar of France's auteur film world, with nine Oscars and six Palmes d'Or under its belt, Wild Bunch had so much trouble securing financing for its 2016 lineup that over the summer it sought the help of a consultant to put together a deal, Variety has learned.
In the last two years, the Two Bunch Palms resort has undergone renovation included refurbishment of existing rooms, addition of new rooms and suites, a new farm to table restaurant and improvements to the infrastructure and public areas.