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BUNGSBristol University Network Gaming Society (gaming)
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During the High Court battle, Sugar said in an affidavit that Venables "told me that Mr Clough likes a bung.
Bungs were the lubricant of the deals, so in my case 8 out of 10 that means that I would say, if that goes across the industry as a whole, 80 per cent of all deals have bungs attached to them.
But a seething Redknapp, who maintains he did nothing wrong, said: "I'm fed up with all these idiots who keep going on about bungs in football.
2 to Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth, faces an uncertain future as the bungs crisis mounts.
Bond, former assistant to Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth, has been given leave by United as the bungs crisis mounts.
The game has been rocking since Luton boss Mike Newell accused agents and executives of taking bungs and his claims were backed up by QPR boss Ian Holloway who admitted he was offered a pounds 30,000 backhander.
Tyneside football agent Peter Harrison was today at the centre of a storm following allegations of managers taking bungs during lucrative transfer deals.
The Luton boss claimed in January of this year that he had twice been offered a bung, prompting the Premier League to ask former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens to investigate transfer deals in the two years from January 2004.
Another reason for leaks is that bungs are sometimes installed too tightly.
How can it be a bung when the chairman of the football club paid me?
Redknapp told Mr Beasley that if the journalist reported in the paper that the manager was taking bungs, he would 'sue the ***' off him.