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BPVBlood Pressure Variability
BPVBit Pointer Value
BPVby-Pass Valve
BPVBusiness Purpose Vehicle
BPVBypass Valve (hydraulics)
BPVBenign Positional Vertigo
BPVBanca Popolare di Verona (Italian Bank)
BPVBack Pack Vacuum (various companies)
BPVBoiler and Pressure Vessel (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
BPVBipolar Violation
BPVBullet Proof Vest
BPVBasis Point Value
BPVBreed Platform Verzekerden (Dutch: Broad Platform Insured)
BPVBovine Papilloma Virus
BPVBadminton Point Vienna (club; Vienna, Austria)
BPVBuilding Public Value (British Broadcasting Corporation; UK)
BPVBack Pressure Valve (oil and gas industry)
BPVBrake Proportioning Valve
BPVBullet Piercing Valve (ice maker installation)
BPVBusiness Process View
BPVBonnes Pratiques Vétérinaires (French: Good Veterinary Practices)
BPVBipropellant Valve
BPVBundesamt für Privat Versicherungen (Bern, Switzerland)
BPVBattle Planning and Visualization
BPVBackflow Prevention Valve
BPVBadminton du Pays Voironnais (French badminton club)
BPVBiologie et Pharmacologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology and Pharmacology of Aging)
BPVBleeding per Vagina
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In a study conducted by Ghatak et al, [6] epidural Magnesium Sulphate versus Clonidine with Bupivacaine showed that mean time of onset to T6 level for Magnesium Sulphate 11.
Conclusion: This study showed that intrathecal tramadol (25mg) can safely be used along with bupivacaine in subarachnoid blockade to prolong the duration of analgesia and improve the quality of anesthesia as well.
Local Infiltration of Tramadol versus Bupivacaine for Post Cesarean Section Pain Control: A Double-Blind Randomized Study.
In the study of Pennefather et al of 68 patients undergoing thoracotomy, 39 patients were randomly assigned to two groups receiving either bupivacaine 0.
25% bupivacaine diminished post-operative pain and decreased narcotic analgesic consumption for the first four hours after unilateral inguinal hernia repair.
Based on a computer-generated grouping number sheets using Excel (Microsoft Office software), patients were randomly assigned to one of four groups (Group 4 mg, Group 6 mg, Group 8 mg and Group 10 mg) to receive intrathecally 4 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, 10 mg bupivacaine respectively mixed with 2.
Upon reapproximating the skin at the umbilicus and lower quadrants on either side, 5 ml of either bupivacaine or saline was instilled into the incisional trocar sites.
The comparison of 5, 10, 15 and 20 ml of normal saline, following intrathecal injection of 10 mg isobaric bupivacaine, noted similar maximum block height but a significantly longer duration of sensory block with higher volumes (13).
Bupivacaine with fentanyl was associated with 96% patient satisfaction while bupivacaine with tramadol 92%.