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BUPPIEBlack Urban Professional Person
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In Wellington's chapters, Earle is a budding buppie nerd and Dorothy a clubhopping fast-laner, while in Ayam's chapters, Earle and Dorothy are all cornbread innocence awaiting their first kiss.
Lee thus invents a sex-loving female character named Nola Darling, who has three male lovers: Greer Childs, a narcissistic Buppie actor who likes being seen with Nola because she's attractive; Jamie Overstreet, a solid, average guy who wants to marry her; and Mars Blackmon, played by Lee himself, a B-boy on a bicycle who always makes Nola laugh.
The jacket copy boasts that Lamar "evokes the ironies of integration and the struggles of the black middle class to succeed in white America," and you fear you're in for a lamentation on the once highly prized Buppie track.
Amiri Baraka is only exaggerating a bit when he calls Lee "the quintessential buppie, almost the spirit of the young, upwardly mobile, Black, petit bourgeois professional" (146).
The Short-Sighted Woman of the title is Victoria, a thirty-something Buppie who, like her counterpart, The Man in The Colored Museum's vingnette "Symbiosis," believes that getting rid of all vestiges of negritude is the key to black progress.
The "Drummin'/Taxi" scene uses the irony of Black Humor to express the common condition of present-day African-Americans: Four Black men of diverse style try to hail a taxi on a New York City street: a B-Boy, a student, a Buppie, and a general carrying Colin Powell's autobiography.
What Would Dylan Do is a new comedy for the BET network and boasts a plethora of well-known names attached to the project including The Bernie Mac Show's Warren Hutcherson, who will be the executive producer with Julian Breece, known for Buppies, as the writer and co-executive producer.
There is a school of Buppies around the Village Voice who speak of the "New Black Culture".
com has also entered the fray with the launch earlier this month of Buppies, its first original scripted Web drama.
37) See, for example, "South Africa's Black Companies Forge Ahead," Africa Business, April 2006; "How SA's Black Buying Power is Changing Society," African Business, August/September 2006; and "The Rise of the Buppies," The Economist, November 1, 2007.
As the Gaps, Old Navies, Starbucks ease in like tanks removing the older indigenous populations, they clear the way for more and more of the international Bigs and the Buppies and Yuppies who will run them locally.