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"This Court has held that an alien has to show that the misallocation of the burden of proof could have affected the outcome of the custody redetermination hearing.
In contrast, a presumption that affects the burden of proof "imposes upon the party against whom it operates the burden of proof concerning the nonexistence of the presumed fact." (15) Stated differently, this presumption impacts the burden of persuasion.
I also agree that the main point of the poi is to allocate the burden of proof: it is the state that must prove that the person committed the offence, and not the individual who must prove her innocence.
Phil King of Weatherford, who said he was part of the lawmakers who helped draft Texas' judicial bypass law in 1999, made the case for increasing the burden of proof, saying Republicans at the time wanted the proposed burden of proof but didn't have the votes to get it approved.
The proposed amendment addressing the burden of proof when alternative apportionment is sought also is significant.
This is the "Rizzoli & Isles" Season 5 Summer Finale recap of episode 12 "Burden of Proof." Don't miss "Rizzoli & Isles" every Tuesday nights on TNT at 9 p.m.
During yesterday's session, opposition AKEL deputy Irini Charalampidou raised the question of whether the burden of proof could be reversed, only to receive a negative response by delegates from the Law Service.
When a law places restrictions on either the possession, or sale of, an item, the law squarely places the burden of proof on the owner to be able to prove his items are legal or risks having them confiscated without compensation.
The burden of proof and the standard of proof applicable in proceedings in the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) are often the subject of uncertainty to those who appear in SAT.
Homophobic statements by the "patron" of a professional football club may shift the burden of proof on to the club to prove that it does not follow that it has a discriminatory recruitment policy.
In "Safer Fracking" (Views, January/ February 2013), Mark Brownstein of the Environmental Defense Fund writes that "the burden of proof is on industry and regulators to show that shale gas development can be done without polluting the water and air or damaging our climate." I disagree.