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BUOWBurrowing Owl (bird species Athene cunicularia)
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5% of EPY in 565 broods (674 juveniles) in burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) despite its high population density in urban areas.
In a report of thymoma in a burrowing owl, the size of the thymoma, the proximity to the right jugular vein, and the adherence to the esophagus likely contributed to a poor postsurgical outcome.
Thus, the absence of PAS-positive organisms in the rather autolyzed liver of the burrowing owl does not necessarily rule out Histomonas.
Burrowing owls and burrowing mammals: Are ecosystem engineers interchangeable as facilitators?
It was a severely declining western burrowing owl population that suffered.
We also hope to bring new life to the unique local environment, from enhancing burrowing owl habitats to widening creek beds.
The female burrowing owl lays between three and twelve eggs.
Gabriel Wilson-Garside with Goliath, a burrowing owl, above, and above left, pupils with Coal the barn owl 060314OWLS_04 PETER REIMANN
THE room fell silent as all eyes focused on the opening of a little black box - home to Murray, a six-inch tall burrowing owl with the biggest of personalities.
Dear EarthTalk: What is the Burrowing Owl Conservation Network and why is it so important to put so much effort into saving one species?
All that we saw, driving there--wildlife Made us slow, the car windows open wide Four ponies Descending a hill, an eagle on a telephone pole, The jackrabbit vanished into sage brush But never existed really for us, like reflections Crossing in a window (the teenage girls Drift through your haircut): a burrowing owl, Then a sunset streaking the motel Where we'd returned, where we'd gone Back to bed, and afterwards You recited Sailing to Byzantium And I shut my eyes to see, along with you The bird, the tree, the gold enameling.