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C4H10Butane (chemistry)
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The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources seeks to deliver natural gas to homes throughout Egypt to ease the burden of subsidising butane gas.
Police also took into custody a ten-wheeler truck registered to Robert Velasco and butane refilling equipment including an air compressor, decanting device, refilling machine, three digital weighing scales and pipe connector.
This can run over 1,417 MCF/d of dry ND gas to produce 309,000 t/y of propane for export, 250,000 t/y of butane for local use, and 136,000 t/y of condensate for the local refineries.
Type of gas: butane, propane or LPG; butane or propane or LPG; the marking butane/propane or propane/butane is not allowed;
In an interview, he said he made the innovation on butane tin canister, which started in Tagum City and which has now proliferated in many parts of the country.
According to initial information provided by Mendaros, the truck with plate number ANA-3278 was transporting the butane canisters to Minglanilla when it hit the school bus of the Asian College of Technology (ACT).
Mayor Criona Ni Dhalaigh added: "It is disturbing to hear that amongst the range of drugs being misused, people are inhaling butane to get a cheap high.
Although the butane canisters had a "flammable" marking, the lawsuit says, the butane should have come with stickers and instructional brochures specifically warning of the volatility of the butane's vapor.
PC Kevin Taylor of North Wales Police said four full canisters of butane gas and the lid of another canister had been found next to the bed.
The defendant's friend added that the group bought the butane from a nearby supermarket.
But an abundance of cheap butane has refiners on the US Gulf Coast looking seriously at expanding or even building new alkylation plants that use butane derivatives to create valuable high octane gasoline blendstocks.
The brothers planned on getting high and purchased marijuana and methamphetamine to celebrate the win Friday night when they went to refuel butane torches they planned on using to light up their bongs, the (http://www.