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Local media cited Formosa Plastics as saying that butyl alcohol accounted for only 1.3 percent of the company's total sales last year and that any financial burden associated with the punitive tariff was unlikely to have a negative material impact on its operations.
Subramanian D, lvanov DA, Yudin IK, Anisimov MA, Sengers JV (2011) Mesoscale inhomogeneities in aqueous solutions of 3-methylpyridine and tertiary butyl alcohol. J.
We found that the strain had cobbled together remaining hits and pieces of the reaction series that normally make branched-chain amino acids and their corresponding fusel oil components to make this new fusel oil--like higher alcohol, normal butyl alcohol. It made alpha oxobutyrate by a remaining fragment of the isoleucine pathway, and converted this by fragments of leucine and Ehrlich pathways into normal butyl alcohol.
Fully cured HH190 resists most common chemicals including motor oil, hydrocarbon test fluid and butyl alcohol. Permabond LLC
that will allow Calgon Carbon to utilize Shell's BioRemedy Microbes in a line of products specifically designed for groundwater remediation of contaminants including the gasoline additives methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA).
The EPA cited the Treasury Department for violating safeguards on the storage of hazardous materials including waste oils, printing residues, caustic washes, ferric chloride, cyanide solution residues, and inks containing butyl alcohol.
The suit alleges the companies made or used the gasoline additives methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA), and leaks of gasoline containing those additives have polluted the city's Charnock Well Field.