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BZRBundeszentralregister (German central register of criminal offences)
BZRBit Zone Recording (ROD)
BZRBelousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction (chemistry)
BZRBeziers, France - Beziers-Vias (Airport Code)
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White, all it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman for them to reach their dreams and you are that man,' he exclaimed as he pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending the choir straight to AGT's live show.
If an act is awarded the Golden Buzzer at the end of their audition, it grants them a place in one of the live semi-finals of the show.
7 -- Breakfast -- Lumberjack; Lunch -- Bosco cheese stick, ham/tky Cobb salad, hot dog, fuel buzzer beater basket, corn/celery, fresh fruit/applesauce, milk
This is the second Golden Buzzer to be pressed in the second episode of the show, as a Saudi contestant named Hashim was able to get the Golden Buzzer after the show's presenters Ria Abi Rashed and Qusay Khadr pushed the golden button once he finished his show.
Elliott Osman's nine rainbows came to nymphs and black buzzers and it was also buzzers for Mark Webb and Steven Beunbage with seven and Nicolas Moham, John Moses, Bill Radburn and Nick Norman who all returned six fish.
Mel B's golden buzzer pick, Darci Lynne Farmer, guest judge Chris Hardwick's choice Angelica Green, Miami singer Yoli Mayor and Howie Mandel's golden buzzer recipient Christian Guardino all made it through.
Black and Olive Buzzers, Hawthorn Fly and Dawson's Olive were top flies.
FLY BOX Chatton: Various dries, Buzzers, Hoppers, Sedges, Zonkers.
"Most peoples buzzers don't work and some people have them turned off because you get everyone pressing them all the time saying 'let me in.'" Another resident said: "It's a disgrace.
TV presenter Konnie Huq at Limbrick Wood primary school playing on a giant pedal-powered electric buzzer game with pupils Renee Cooke and Dharmarlou Bowen.
The opposite problem is also encountered: students who are so engaged in the game that they get "trigger happy" with the buzzer, activating it whether or not they knew the answer.
In the end he chose to go back to Via San Polo and tried Felice's buzzer again.