c-ELISACompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
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A total of 100 blood samples were collected and kept in refrigerator overnight for reparation of serum which was used for Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT) according to Gabbar (1992), serum agglutination test (SAT) and competitive-ELISA (c-ELISA) tests.
sampled H c-ELISA * LFD antigen test ([dagger]) Goat 5 2/0 0/5 Sheep 5 0/2 3/2 Total 10 2/2 3/7 * Serum samples from 2 animals from each species were used to detect antibodies by H c-ELISA (8).
Herd certification process is based on the indirect diagnosis; therefore, due to the lack of research regarding the efficacy of diagnostic tests for detecting brucellosis in buffaloes, the objective of the present research was to compare the performance of I-ELISA, C-ELISA and FPA in the diagnosis of brucellosis in this species.
2) Obter amostras de sangue venoso periferico do potro pre- (se possivel) e posamamentacao para sorologia (C-ELISA, IDGA, Immunoblot) e PCR.
WCX-TOF-MS and c-ELISA were used to quantify hepcidin concentrations in all 209 samples, whereas IC-TOF-MS was used to measure hepcidin in 25 samples with hepcidin concentrations below 0.5 nmol/L as assessed by WCX-TOF-MS.
antibodies by two competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (C-ELISA) (Nielsen et al., 1992, 1995).
The c-ELISA test results showed that 25 out of 368 goats (6.79%) were seropositive for BTV infection.
Competitive Enzyme-LinkedImmunosorbentAssay(c- ELISA): Theanti-PPRV antibodiesin serum samples were determined by a commercial competitive enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (c-ELISA) kit according to instructions of the manufacturer (collectively produced by CIRAD.
It is concluded that certain important clinical signs help in ea rly d iag no sis of d isease in field condition which can further confirmed by C-ELISA in laboratory.
Sensitivity of herdsmen's reports was significantly lower than that of I-ELISA (97.1% [95% PCI 91.0%-99.9%]) and C-ELISA (97.5% [95% PCI 91.9%-99.9%]).