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c-MACConcurrent Media Access Control
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The usage of C-MAC video laryngoscope decreased the amount of time taken for intubation significantly in group 1 and 2 by 24.97 secs and 23.07 secs respectively.
Comparison of the C-MAC videolaryngoscope with the Macintosh, Glidescope, and Airtraq laryngoscopes in easy and difficult laryngoscopy scenarios in manikins.
Indirect optical systems (Airtraq) and video-assisted systems (GVL, fiber optic laryngoscope, and C-MAC) provide much better glottic views than the direct laryngoscope, revealing a high intubation success rate in patients with difficult airway (37-39).
The C-MAC S USB Imager, with its sensor-driven USB connection, combines exceptional versatility and portability with the ability to view intubations on existing displays.
For example, in the case of the C-Mac, applying antifog solution or for AirTraq the device should be turned on 30 seconds prior to use, to warm up the lens.
Challapali, "C-MAC: A cognitive MAC protocol for multichannel wireless networks," in Proc.
The C-MAC was then gently introduced with endotracheal tube in situ and the glottic opening and vocal cords were easily visualised on the monitor by both anaesthetist and surgeon (Figure 1A).
Time Slotted Protocols: For this category of CR ad hoc network protocols, we discuss the C-MAC (Cognitive MAC) protocol [15], based on synchronized time slots, and include the use of a rendezvous channel (RC) and a backup channel (BC).
23 March 2012 - US API Technologies Corp (NASDAQ:ATNY) said on Friday it had finalised the GBP20.95m (USD33.1m/EUR25.1m) takeover of UK-based C-MAC Aerospace Ltd, a portfolio company of Francisco Partners and Shah Capital Partners.
The period, say the organisers Vidya and Parthiv Shah, who run the Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (C-MAC) was instrumental in shaping not just the way we now listen to music, but also the way it has defined performance spaces.