c-RA13-cis-retinoic acid
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The present study uses three performance metrics to evaluate and compare the proposed CCCLD framework with the existing FA-PSO (Haijun et al, 2012) and C-RA (2).
In all the figures, throughout the document, the blue solid line represent the proposed CC-CLD framework and the green and brown solid line represent the existing FA-PSO (Haijun et al., 2012) and C-RA (Larry et al., 2011) framework.
Moreover, by applying least greedy procedure, the function criterion embeds the source, intermediate and destination node points for packet transfer between source and destination resulting in the minimized ad-hoc network routing overheard by 24.5% compared to C-RA.
The better performance that reduces the recovery time for recovering the accurate route path for packet transmission in MANET is achieved using the proposed CC-CLD framework than two state-of-the-art methods FA-PSO (Haijun et al, 2012) and C-RA (Larry et al., 2011) with the help of using unique cluster ID.
The CC-CLD framework differs from the FAPSO (Haijun et al., 2012) and C-RA (Larry et al., 2011) in that we have incorporated clustering with the help of unique ID to easily extent multiple-source nodes through different route paths for multiple sources and therefore reduce the recovery time.
The packet delivery ratio is improved by applying the localized distribution algorithm when compared to two other methods FA-PSO (Haijun et al., 2012) and C-RA (Larry et al, 2011).
De son cote, la representante du C-RA, MmeLeila Hamman, a precise que son organisation a l'habitude d'organiser ce genre d'operations de solidarite durant l'Aid afin de permettre aux enfants hospitalises de passer la fete dans une ambiance conviviale.