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CCNFChromatin Condensation and Nuclear Fragmentation (apoptosis)
CCNFCentral California Nikkei Foundation (Fresno, CA)
CCNFCanonical Conjunctive Normal Form
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(8) Furthermore, many cancer-related genes are mapped to the chromosomes altered in pleomorphic LCIS [p53,17p13.1; MEN1,11q13; ATM, 11q22.3; CCNF, 16p13.3; RB, 13q14.1-14.2; and CCND1, 11q13.3].
Nas dietas com CH, o armazenamento do volumoso nao alterou (P>0,05) o CFDN, CFDA, CCT e CCNF (Tabela 3), reflexo do similar CMS entre as dietas com CH.
Serial Gene name Upregulated (f) Serial Gene number genes/fold number name change (1) Pescadillo (3.2) [up arrow] (8) Ccnf (2) Tfdp-1 (2.2) [up arrow] (9) Cdkn1a (Transcriptional (p21) factor) (3) Rad21 (1.8) [up arrow] (10) Pkd-1 (4) Nfatc1 (1.7) [up arrow] (11) Taf10 (TafII30) (5) Cks1b (1.6) [up arrow] (12) Sfn (6) Ak1 (1.3) [up arrow] (13) Sumo1 (7) Itgb1 (1.2) [up arrow] (14) RAN Serial Downregulated (f) number genes/fold change (1) (0.06) [down arrow] (2) (0.5) [down arrow] (3) (0.5) [down arrow] (4) (0.5) [down arrow] (5) (0.6) [down arrow] (6) (0.7) [down arrow] (7) (0.8) [down arrow]
(1,2) When it occurs in the head and neck, it is called craniocervical necrotizing fasciitis (CCNF), and it is very aggressive and life-threatening.
Early mortality rates from CCNF ranged from 50 to 73%, (2) but these rates had decreased to 22% in the early 1980s and to 0 to 10% in more recent studies.
According to Edwards and his colleagues, which of the following statements regarding craniocervical necrotizing fasciitis (CCNF) is false?