cGVHDChronic Graft Versus Host Disease
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The trial is being conducted in adults with steroid-dependent or steroid-refractory cGVHD and active disease.
cGVHD is a common and often fatal complication following haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, a treatment often given to patients with cancers such as myeloma or leukaemia.
The ongoing Phase 2 trial is investigating KD025 as a treatment for adult patients with steroid-dependent or steroid-refractory cGVHD and active disease.
1 The incidence of cGVHD has continued to increase over time,3 with approximately 30 to 70 percent of post-allogeneic transplant patients developing the condition.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently granted approval of IMBRUVICA for the treatment of adult patients with cGVHD after failure of one or more lines of systemic therapy.
5] The clinical manifestations of Oral cGVHD includes mucosal lesions, Xerostomia, mucoceles and sclerotic fibrosis of oral tissues each of which can contribute to significant morbidity and late complications.
published more than ten years ago, 15 patients with extensive cGvHD were subjected to treatment with ECP for a median of 14 cycles.
sup][2],[3] To take advantage of G-PBSC while decrease the risk of cGVHD, G-CSF-primed BM (G-BM) has been explored.
4) We present a patient who developed acute lichenoid GVHD, Hepatic and Gut GVHD and Eczematoid cGVHD.
cGVHD of the liver is a complex multisystem disorder that develops at or after day + 100 post-alloHCT [2,3,6,50,54,55].
M2 PHARMA-July 26, 2017-Kadmon Provides Supplemental Data from Trial of Kinase Inhibitor in cGVHD