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cHTMLCompact Hypertext Markup Language
CHTMLCompiled Hypertext Markup Language (File Extension)
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3, cHTML (i-mode), a variety of image formats, style sheets, JavaScript and more.
Through Speirtech's MGP (Mobile Gaming Platform) users can play games via SMS, MMS, J2ME, WML (WAP), CHTML (I-mode), XHTML (Latest WAP forum mark-up specification), BREW and HTML (PDA) enabled devices.
The wireless Web connection includes the Blazer[TM] browser, customizable bookmarks, quick loading times, support for multiple markup languages including HTML, WAP, cHTML, and xHTML, 128-bit security, support for cookies, and support for HTTP proxy servers.
A mark-up language is a set of rules governing how content is formatted (marked-up): the problem in Japan is that the three competing services all use different mark-up languages (i-mode uses CHTML, EZ Web uses HDML and J- Sky uses MML).
The system functions with HTML, WAP and cHTML Internet content.
Built on open standards, the platform supports all deployed and new industry handsets and WAP, cHTML, and HTML browsers out of the box.