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cHTMLCompact Hypertext Markup Language
CHTMLCompiled Hypertext Markup Language (File Extension)
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A mark-up language is a set of rules governing how content is formatted (marked-up): the problem in Japan is that the three competing services all use different mark-up languages (i-mode uses CHTML, EZ Web uses HDML and J- Sky uses MML).
The system functions with HTML, WAP and cHTML Internet content.
En otros asuntos, Openwave Systems, desarrolladora de software para comunicacion movil, lanzo al mercado dos ediciones del micro-navegador UP Browser, asi como el Openwave Navegador Movil Edicion Wap, junto con el Openwave Navegador Movil Edicion Universal, que maneja lenguajes como xHTML, WML y cHTML.
01, and cHTML standards and will be available at the end of March 2006.
2, WML, and cHTML as well as programming languages for digital television services including BML (Broadcast Markup Language).
Content formats like XHTML, CHTML or WML as well as pictures in JPEG or GIF format provide a rich, colorful user experience.