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CACHECouncil for Awards in Children's Care and Education
CACHEComputer Aided Chemistry
CACHEComputer Aids for Chemical Engineering Education
CACHEConroe Area Christian Home Educators (Texas)
CACHEChicago Area Computer Hobbyists' Exchange (Illinois)
CACHECanadian Continuing Health Education
CACHECommunity Action for Child Health Equity (Chicago, IL)
CACHECaribbean Council for Higher Education in Agriculture
CACHECharlottesville Area Christian Home Educators, Inc.
CACHECloud and Aerosol Chemistry Experiment
CACHEControlled Automated Cargo Handling Envelope
CACHECouncil for Awards in Child Care, Health, and Education
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But hard as he strove with his body, he strove equally hard with his mind, trying to think that Bill had not deserted him, that Bill would surely wait for him at the cache. He was compelled to think this thought, or else there would not be any use to strive, and he would have lain down and died.
He was not concerned with the land of little sticks, nor with Bill and the cache under the upturned canoe by the river Dease.
He was more rational, and once more he was chiefly interested in the land of little sticks and the cache by the river Dease.
He still clung to his gun, for there were cartridges in that cache by the river Dease.
Cache Creek said Brandywine aligns with Cache Creek's investment thesis of acquiring niche providers of high reliability, mission critical products to the aerospace and defense markets.
In the case where each ICP wants to put files into the cache space, operator need to balance demands and interests between ICPs.
CYPRESS -- Two programs coming soon to the Cache River State Natural Area's Barkhausen Center will appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors.
It gathered 5 to 6 pieces of bark and lichen within 1 step of the cache site during the next 2 min, 1 item at a time, and placed each piece of vegetation atop the cached meat.
Cache memory receives requested address from the microprocessor.
The data in the cache is organized into large blocks, or macroblocks, so that the processor knows where to find whatever data it needs.
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