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CACTUSCapital Area / Central Texas Unix Society
CACTUSConverted Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Using Solar-2 (observatory; Daggett, CA)
CACTUSComputer Aided Credentials of Teachers in Utah Schools (database; Utah State Office of Education)
CACTUSCalculator and Computer Technology User Service (website; teacher services)
CACTUSCohousing Association of Central Texas Umbrella Services (Austin, TX)
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The Cactus looks amazing, like it's just driven off a motor show stand.
Cactus, like DS, looks set to become almost a mini-brand in its own right.
Be sure to mark the south side of the cactus before you dig," he reminds the 30-odd volunteers who've converged on an ominously warm July morning in the sudden boomtown of Sahuarita, 15 miles south of Tucson.
Instead, its members are looking for the star cactus (Astrophytum asterias), an endangered plant found in the low elevation semi-arid thorn shrub of the lower Rio Grande valley in the United States and Mexico.
The cactus club sells its plants at the Newcastle Green Festival in May and they are most popular with children because they can buy a plant for as little as 50p.
Extracts of the cactus not only separate suspended solids from water but also sop up heavy metals dissolved in it.
Additives, Cactus Poultry Feed Additives and Cactus Pig Feed Additives.
3) Cactus Elementary School students, teachers and tutors scrape gum from the walkway on Saturday.
Cactus poaching is on the rise in the West, even inside national parks such as Capitol Reef.
These days, Warren, of Glebe Crescent, Rugby, has about 8,000 cacti and for the last 30 years has been secretary of the Coventry and District branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society.
Supervising the move was Cesar Mazier, director of the Desert Botanical Garden, who has been researching cactus transplantation since 1989.