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CADEConselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica (Portugese: Administrative Council for Economic Defense, Brazil)
CADEConference on Automated Deduction
CADECommission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (formerly Commission on Accreditation/Approval for Dietetics Education)
CADECustomer Account Data Engine
CADEClient Server Application Development Environment
CADECenter for the Advancement of Distance Education
CADECanadian Association for Distance Education
CADEAdministrative Council for Economic Defense
CADECoordination pour l'Afrique de Demain (French: Coordinating Committee for the Africa of Tomorrow)
CADECorporate Average Data Efficiency (Uptime Institute measure for data center efficiency)
CADECost Assessment Data Enterprise (Office of the Secretary of Defense Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation initiative)
CADECenter for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship
CADEComputer-Assisted Data Entry
CADEComputer Aided Document Engineering
CADEComputer Aided Design and Engineering
CADEController/Attitude-Direct Electronics (NASA)
CADEComputer-Aided Data Entry
CADEComputer Aided Design Equipment
CADECombined Allied Defense Experiment
CADECommercial Ada Development Environment
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I am honored to be nominated by Governor Carney to lead the Department of Labor, said Cade.
Amid the wild celebration, only one person apparently had the presence of mind to think Cade might want that ball for a souvenir: his sister, Avin.
Rt after kicker SAVIOURS Cade at pool thanking, from left, Rebecca, Tracy and Katie
It might be unfair, however, to blame CADE for the lack of a relevant decision on anticompetitive conduct.
and her associates queried the NAMCS and the NHAMC for data regarding CADEs (cutaneous adverse drug events) reported between 1995 and 2005.
The new Antitrust Law establishes a mandatory pre-merger notification system and the closing of the transactions will now require the previous approval by the cade.
Recommendation: The Commissioner of Internal Revenue should direct the appropriate officials to ensure the revised estimates for CADE 2 are credible by including inflation when calculating costs.
Whilst noting that the revolt followed the murder of the Duke of Suffolk and loss of Normandy, Kaufman does not appreciate the national collapse and thoroughgoing indictment of the Suffolk regime from which the revolt emerged or the call for reform that was taken up by Cade and then York the following autumn.
Cade is a pseudonym taken from "the leader in late medieval Europe of the 1450 Kent rebellion that took place in the time of King Henry VI in England.
Winemaker Anthony Biagi is overseeing the production of four organically-farmed wines under the CADE Winery name.
While approving the acquisition, CADE has also recommended adjusting a clause regarding non-competition by the sellers, limited to the markets where they operated.
Cade once said he thought the use of Gatorade would be limited to sports teams and never dreamed it would be purchased by regular consumers.