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CAFECorporate Average Fuel Economy
CAFEClean Air for Europe
CAFEHost America Corporation (stock symbol; formerly HAC)
CAFEConventional Armed Forces in Europe
CAFECanadian Association of Family Enterprises (Kingston, ON, Canada)
CAFEConditional Access for Europe (electronic payment system)
CAFEConduit Artery Function Evaluation
CAFEConservatives Against a Federal Europe (UK)
CAFECamaradas, Arriba Falange Española! (Spanish political slogan)
CAFECiències de l'Activitat Física I l'Esport (Catalonia)
CAFECommunity Alliance of the Far Eastside (Indiana)
CAFECommunications Access for Everyone
CAFEConcepts to Application in System-Family Engineering
CAFEComputer Algebra & Functional Equations
CAFECentral Australian Fronts Experiment
CAFECommunications Automation Follow-On Effort
CAFECanadian Association of Fairs & Expositions
CAFEClarity Audio Front End
CAFECanadian Association of Fish Exporters
CAFECollateral Artery Flow Exercises
CAFEComparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation (California)
CAFECiudadanos Activos de Formación Electoral (Spanish: Active Citizens Electoral Training; Guatemala)
References in classic literature ?
I permitted you to go once, as a concession, to the Cafe d'Harcourt; but once is enough.
For another half hour nothing unusual occurred, then a surly-looking Arab entered the cafe from the street.
In the clatter and bustle of Bredin's Parisian Cafe she appeared out of place, like a cow in a boiler-factory.
And it was a joyful reaction which emboldened me to signal to him with a raised arm across that cafe.
Otherwise the cafe seemed empty, except for one soldier drinking coffee at one table, and at another a large man drinking a small syrup and a priest drinking nothing.
One day, a week after his visit to the Cafe de la Patrie, he called upon Valentin de Bellegarde, and by good fortune found him at home.
While these four personages were sitting down to their game of boston, Elisabeth and her uncle Mitral reached the cafe Themis, with much discourse as they drove along about a matter which Elisabeth's keen perceptions told her was the most powerful lever that could be used to force the minister's hand in the affair of her husband's appointment.
We had left the cafe long ago, without even noticing that we had done so.
Wondering inwardly what she could possibly want with his theatre, Francis reluctantly yielded to the necessities of the situation, and took her into the cafe.
To enter the little Cafe in the cul-de-sac Le Febvre was, at the period of our tale, to enter the sanctum of a man of genius.
Dick thought it remarkable that a painter should choose to work over an absinthe in a public cafe, and looked the man over.
When they arrived at the cafe Lawson told Philip that they would have to go in.