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CAHOOTSCrisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets (Eugene, Oregon)
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That's what we want to know - whether there was collusion, whether they were in cahoots, considering that WellMed was paid despite allegations of fraud.
"Everybody knows somebody that has needed some kind of intervention," and CAHOOTS can provide that type of specialized assistance, often without a trip to jail, he said.
"Everyone is aware of the diesel mafia in Bahrain run by VIPs in cahoots with Customs inspectors."
Does that mean the Church of Scotland, Catholic church and all the other organisations that support peace are in cahoots with Iran too?
A new quarterly women's magazine, cahoots, launched in Saskatoon last spring, cahoots features creative nonfiction, personal essays and columns on healthy living, women's businesses and women artists.
Apparently, this vertically-challenged guy was in cahoots with the whole bar, as the entire crowd of people followed as Machnau and the midget were being dragged out the door.
As the CIA'S deputy bureau chief in Mogadishu during the U.S.' Somali misadventure, Spinelli was responsible for ousting Mohamed Farah Aideed, the local warlord who was in cahoots with the nascent al Qaeda organization.
David Alan Grier, sounding a bit incoherent, offered this take on the night: "Music is boring, breasts are interesting." Then he continued, "Every member of 'N Sync should be punished because they're in cahoots to have more breasts out there.
Second, the Administration was in cahoots with Aristide's opponents for some time.
Your heart gets in cahoots with your brain, and a natural chemistry with some boy turns into crushability.
Many activists were convinced that the FBI, CIA and local law enforcement agencies were in cahoots and conspired daily to make sure the Panthers and other radical organizations were neutralized or otherwise infiltrated.
With this gig by veteran fusionists In Cahoots, Ty's is entering a new phase of booking bands from the national circuit.