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CaOHCalcium Hydroxide
CaOHCalifornia Academy of Health
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It can be assumed that Biodentine exhibits the same effects as calcium hydroxide, Due to the release of calcium and hydroxyl ions, when in contact with water.
Both of the employed extract solvents (methanol 95% (v/v) and methanol + [H.sub.2]O (8:2)) produced nearly an equal yield of precipitate on different chemical concentrations except for the calcium hydroxide of 2M and 3M (p<0.05).
Calcicur (Voco GmbH, Cuxhaven, Germany) is a readyto-use radiopaque water-based calcium hydroxide paste.
In (6), [RCH.sub.CE] is the mass of calcium hydroxide produced from the hydration of cement; [RCH.sub.SF] is the mass of calcium hydroxide consumed during the pozzolanic reaction of nanosilica; [[alpha].sub.silica] is the degree of hydration of the glass (active) phase of nanosilica; and [m.sub.silica0] is the mass of nanosilica in the mixing proportion.
The fillers used were as follows: Calcium hydroxide CL 90 (CaO + MgO [greater than or equal to] 90), quarried calcium carbonate and CEM II/A-L 32.5R (Limestone Portland cement and 32.5 MPa of compression resistance) in accordance with the EN 197-1 (2000) standard.
Key words: calcium hydroxide; edge chipping; fracture resistance; human dentin; pulpectomy; teeth.
The Innovoh range of calcium hydroxide curing agents are used in FKM rubber products.
Summary: Use of calcium hydroxide is expected to grow across the globe in water treatment applications.
Calcium hydroxide (CH) pastes have traditionally been used as an intracanal medicament to treat external inflammatory root resorption.
has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Anil Budar Group on construction of a factory for production of Calcium Hydroxide with a production capacity of 5 tonnes a day in the first phase of production.