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CALCCitrix Authorized Learning Center
CALCCumbre de América Latina y el Caribe Sobre Integración y Desarrollo (Spanish: Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integration and Development)
CALCClergy And Laity Concerned
CALCCommunity Alliance of Lane County (Eugene, OR)
CALCCustomer Access Line Charge
CALCCambridgeshire Association of Local Councils
CALCComputational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity (Workshop)
CALCCryptography and Lattices Conference
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Of course there is no guaranteeing (this is my comment) that it will not be, for instance, frightfully dull then (for what will one have to do when everything will be calculated and tabulated), but on the other hand everything will be extraordinarily rational.
The valley of the river Des Chutes, is also admirably calculated for a great grazing country.
It was not worth his while to be serious with him, however, so he dismissed the pantomimist, with a gentle hint that if he offended again it would be under the penalty of a broken head; and Mr Folair, taking the caution in exceedingly good part, walked away to confer with his principal, and give such an account of his proceedings as he might think best calculated to carry on the joke.
He laid his plan and calculated all his moves with the fervid deliberation of a chess-player in the days of his first ardor, and was amazed himself at his sudden genius as a tactician.
He could venture now to be persuasive and urgent, and his father yielded with more readiness than he had calculated on.
It's of no use to have foresight when you are dealing with an idiot: he is not to be calculated upon.
But, if everything had turned out as David had calculated, you would have seen that his plan was worthy of his talents.
But somehow it had not precisely that effect in David: he calculated whether an action would harm himself, or whether it would only harm other people.
Those who do calculate ROI, however, do it consistently; the majority of whom calculated it on all their projects.
By applying the PMT function with the formula =PMT(0.00333,360,-240000,0,0), you can calculate that the monthly mortgage payment for your client would be $1,146, as shown in cell B39 of the screenshot "Using the PMT Function." If the calculated monthly payment is beyond your client's budgeted amount, the PMT function in Excel can be used to perform a simple What-lf analysis to discuss alternative options for your client.
The loss ratios have been calculated as a ratio of net claims and net earned premium.
There are five elements whose atomic numbers differ by just plus or minus 1 from their calculated sums.