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"It is a calculation the converse of the differential," replied Barbicane seriously.
Indeed, after the most recent calculations this reduction is only .000436 of an atmosphere for each thirty feet of depth.
Yes, I said, and in these perplexities the soul naturally summons to her aid calculation and intelligence, that she may see whether the several objects announced to her are one or two.
After making certain calculations (in black and white, as a matter of course), he ordered his chaise to be ready in an hour -- so as to reach the railway in time for the second train running to London -- with which there happened to be no communication from Aldborough by coach.
He did not move at the sound of the door, and continued his calculations until the flash of the torches lighted up with an unwonted glare the sombre walls of his cell; then, raising his head, he perceived with astonishment the number of persons present.
Adrienne had made her calculations, as she fancied, with some attention to the ways of the world.
True, chairs were provided around the tables, but few players made use of them--more especially if there was a large attendance of the general public; since to stand allowed of a closer approach; and, therefore, of greater facilities for calculation and staking.
Sometimes a magnate addressed him, to turn the stream of his own particular discussion towards him; but Mr Merdle seldom gave much attention to it, or did more than rouse himself from his calculations and pass the wine.
Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.
The doctor, according to very accurate calculations, found that, including the articles indispensable to his journey and his apparatus, he should have to carry a weight of 4,000 pounds; therefore he had to find out what would be the ascensional force of a balloon capable of raising such a weight, and, consequently, what would be its capacity.
"Xavier returned from I do not know where at midnight, absorbed in calculations on the eternal question of his Aurora--la belle Aurore, whom I begin to hate.
I can be making some calculations with reference to the number of hospital beds for each transport.