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A police officer said the CTF officials used their mobile phones and the call sign of the police operation wing for communication.
Sometimes, such call signs are clearly received and understood but sometimes distorted by some unknown 'noise' called 'distortion' in terms of mass communication resulting into communication gap or a loss of feedback showing that message has not been received or understood calling for its repetition by the receiver to the sender.
The call sign "heavy" set off an immediate alarm in my head to be cautious about wake turbulence.
3) Following confusion between flight AF 8610 and Eastern Airlines Flight 8610 in 1953, the Presidential Constellation was designated Air Force One, and the call sign remains in use.
"There was probably some confusion by the IAF controllers regarding the call sign which led to the problem.
* Similar aircraft call signs. Airlines, with their hub operations, have set a major trap for their airmen.
A spokesman said the pilot gave the call sign he had been given and was approved for entry.
The book is named Tango 190 - Pc Rathband's police call sign.
"The pilot of the plane carrying the German chancellor had announced a wrong call sign and, thus, certain problems arose while Merkel was on board, waiting for the permission to fly through the Iranian airspace," Rapporteur of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazzem Jalali told reporters on Wednesday.
He took an internationally recognised written exam and as a result now has an "M3" radio licence and possesses his own call sign.
A US gunship with the call sign Crazyhorse 18 is at the centre of one of the most harrowing incidents in the leaked Iraq war logs.
Licensing body Ofcom, in conjunction with the Radio Society of Great Britain, has granted the Barmoor event a special call sign which organisers will transmit by a range of communication means including radio transmissions, digital and even Morse code.