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CAMOSCerebellar Ataxia with Mental Retardation, Optic Atrophy, and Skin Abnormalities
CAMOSCommittee for the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy
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Remington manufactures several shotguns in camo including their Model 870, Model SP-l0 Magnum, Model 1100 (Youth Turkey), and their new Model 11-87 SPS-T Super Mag Camo.
Beretta's camo shotguns included the new A391 Xtrema 3.
For this reason, Lufthansa Technik applied to the GCAA for approval as a CAMO before the legal change took effect, and supplied all the necessary documentation and evidence for this step.
Lufthansa Technik sees great advantages in being a CAMO for VIP customers in particular.
The non-exclusive agreement would enable Camos Tech to sell Fingerprint Cards' technology on the Korean market and to integrate the technology into its own products, Fingerprint Cards said.
Camo patterns available as part of greater licensing efforts, such as under the Sports Afield brand;
York Wallcoverings sometimes creates its own camo designs, in addition to licensing the leading brands, mainly for the youth market where the photorealistic elements are not important.