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CAMPFIRECommunal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources
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Fire officials are asking campers to take extra precautions to drown campfires, especially when this week's forecasts calls for temperatures that could surpass 100 degrees in Western Oregon.
A commitment to an all-evening campfire usually involves cooking something over the embers.
Campfire Ghostbuster Marshmallows are available in 12-or 20-ounce laydown bags with a suggested retail price of $1.
The World Wildlife Fund has estimated that rural households tied to CAMPFIRE have increased their income by between 15-25%.
A camping trip simply cries out for a few campfire songs, or you can even sing tunes when collecting firewood or on a walk.
We're camping overnight in Kingston State Park, so Ed Grade, and I are collecting sticks for a big campfire tonight.
com)-- Campfire Films announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its feature film "Heads You Lose.
The Gloaming Tales MAC, BIRMINGHAM AS the summer draws to a close, Birmingham's mac opens the gates to its outdoor amphitheatrestyle arena for a spellbinding night of storytelling around a roaring campfire.
Greg had an unexpected visit from rockers The 1975 during his first night at Pacific Quay and said he enjoyed their company around the campfire.
Since 2001, readers of Shooting Industry's sister publication, GUNS Magazine, have gathered around the campfire to enjoy the keen observations of legendary gun writer John Taffin.
Marshmallow and strawberry kebabs HAVE you got some residual heat left over on your campfire or barbecue?
Earlier this year, the estate was voted the best place to cook a campfire in a National Trust survey of more than 1,700 children for its 50 Things to Do Before You're 113/4 campaign.