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CANCCycle Against the Nuclear Cycle (Australia; bicycle/social action group)
CANCCatholic Apostolic National Church
CANCCairo Air Navigation Center
CANCCalifornia Animal Nutrition Conference
CANCCremation Association of North Carolina (Burlington, NC)
CANCCambodian-American Network Coalition
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Over 200 operations were cancelled in Dumfries and Galloway over the past year because local hospitals couldn't cope and that should set the alarm bells ringing in the Government.
Many customers were enraged after finding out some deliveries had been cancelled and others had been honoured.
Two trains commencing on Saturday were cancelled and one train whose journey was to commence on Sunday was canceled.
The ministry affirmed that as per the provision of article No 15 of the Commercial Registration Law No 3/74 the sole proprietorships whose CRs are expired will be cancelled if their owners failed to submit an application for renewal or cancelling.
Furthermore, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flights PK-322 and PK-323 that were bound to Quetta cancelled due to same reason.
Four Karachi-bound PIA flights were cancelled whereas flights to Manchester, Kabul, Beijing and Medina were also cancelled.
And the number of such cancelled operations reached a five-year peak of 390 last year.
The President cancelled his trip following the deadly blast at the crowded night market on Roxas Boulevard in Davao City on Friday night.
So far, three flights from Dubai to the Ataturk Airport were cancelled, however the airport saw a total of 77 international arrivals cancelled, 91 delayed, 43 international departures were cancelled and 43 delayed.
The airline has in addition cancelled its WY207/8 Muscat-Goa-Muscat flights on all Mondays, between May 9 and 31.
Muscat: Oman Air, the national airline of Oman, has cancelled a small number of flights from May 9 till 31 to Tanzania, Bahrain and India, the airline tweeted on its official twitter handle.
The statistics, which came from a Freedom of Information request by Plaid Cymru, revealed that an average of 1,346 operations were cancelled every week since 2013-14.