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CANDIDCitizens against Drug Impaired Drivers
CANDIDComparison Algorithm for Navigating Digital Image Databases
CANDIDCounseling And Diagnosis In Dementia
CANDIDCombined Automated NOE Assignment and Structure Detemination Module
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It was as if the monstrosity of the man, with his candid infant's eyes and a fat angelic smile, had fascinated her.
But you are giving the fact you've mentioned a prominence which strikes me as not quite candid, Inspector Heat.
I shall be equally candid in stating the reasoning which may be offered on the opposite side.
"He's an awful brute, isn't he?" continued the young enquirer, a candid Thorley, who was evidently preparing to enter the lists as the lady's champion.
Exploring the rich flora and fauna of the region you can click some of the best candid moments down here.
'I think naging candid lang siya, so to speak, noong tinanong siya (I think she was just candid, so to speak, when she was asked).
Madonna gave a candid interview where she openly talked about her stint with drug abuse.
"Candid Color Systems is proud to support such a worthy cause.
CJ RUISE Royals honeymooned on Britannia MAKE MINE A JHALF Di waits at the bar in the mess SMILES n Happy and relaxed newlyweds HELLO SAILORS n Couple meet the crew CANDID J Diana, aged 20, snapped unawares
He told GMTV's Sunday Programme: "I really do not feel that any political party has actually been absolutely candid about the basic problem.
In "Candid Conversations: Meet the Mogul", the mogul is William C.
Extensive notes include offerings, best days to visit, history, candid comments on food value, and more.