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CANDLEChildren of Auschwitz Nazis' Deadly Lab Experiment Survivors
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On a banister post stood a tallow candle which guttered in the draft.
I did not attempt to follow him, but remained seated in the arm-chair, speechless, tearless, and almost motionless, till he returned about half-an-hour after, and walking up to me, held the candle in my face and peered into my eyes with looks and laughter too insulting to be borne.
Taking the candle from its place he commenced a systematic search of the apartment, nor had he gone far before he discovered another door in the opposite end of the room, a door which gave upon creaking hinges to the weight of his body.
Strange enough they looked in the yellow light of the candle.
They sat down, and Tom fastened his candle to the wall in front of them with some clay.
Pretty soon the door that I had tried silently opened and the old man came in, carrying a candle.
Today there is nothing left in the cupboard, and this candle you see here is the last one I have.
Having lighted the candle at length and opened his own door, he softly ascended, holding the taper high above his head, and peering cautiously about; curious to see what kind of man had chosen so comfortless a shelter for his lodging.
With slowly dawning remembrance, Mr Venus rises, and holds his candle over the little counter, and holds it down towards the legs, natural and artificial, of Mr Wegg.
They ask me, are they to light the candles that have been lighted before or candles that have never been lighted?
At the funeral the Woman stood at the head of the bier, holding a lighted crimson candle till it was wasted entirely away.
But they did not keep "self-fitting sixes"; and it takes five mice to carry one seven inch candle.