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CANEClassical Association of New England (est. 1905)
CANEComputer Aided Network Engineering (NetBrain Technologies)
CANECrédit Agricole du Nord Est (French: Northeast Agricultural Bank)
CANEConservatives Against Nearly Everything (fictional, computer game)
CANEChemical And Nuclear Environment
CANECombined Arms in a Nuclear Environment
CANEConnecticut Aircraft Nuclear Experiment
CANEComputer-Aided Navigation/al Equipment
CANECreating a New Element (workshop)
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References in classic literature ?
His thoughts were certainly still occupied with Frederic Larsan's new cane. I had proof of that when, as we came near to Epinay, he said:
Monsieur de Chavigny handed his cane to Monsieur de Beaufort.
"The cane," he resumed, wiping his prodigious mat of face hair with the back of his hand.
That David continuing to rejoice exceedingly in his word, the father spoke darkly of a cane, but the mother rushed between the combatants.
"I, senor!" returned the old man; "why, is this cane worth ten gold-crowns?"
Bumble spoke, he raised his cane to the bill above him, and gave three distinct raps upon the words 'five pounds': which were printed thereon in Roman capitals of gigantic size.
'Now,' said Squeers, giving the desk a great rap with his cane, which made half the little boys nearly jump out of their boots, 'is that physicking over?'
Having delivered this oration with a great many waves and flourishes of the hand, Mr Swiveller abruptly thrust the head of his cane into his mouth as if to prevent himself from impairing the effect of his speech by adding one other word.
Creakle folded his arms, cane and all, upon his chest, and made such a knot of his brows that his little eyes were hardly visible below them;
"What, are you descended from the great condottiere Facino Cane, whose lands won by the sword were taken by the Dukes of Milan?"
She appealed to Sir Patrick, poised easily on his ivory cane, and looking out at the lawn-party, the picture of venerable innocence.
He had in his hand a heavy cane, with which he was trifling; but he answered never a word, and seemed to listen with an ill-contained impatience.