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CANSComplexity and Intelligence of the Artificial and Natural Complex Systems (workshop)
CANSCryptography and Network Security
CANSCentral Auditory Nervous System (neurology)
CANSConference on Cryptology and Network Security
CANSComplaints of Arm, Neck and Shoulder
CANSCivilian Announcement Notification System (US Civil Service)
CANSComprehensive Assessment of Nuclear Sustainment (US Air Force)
CANSCentral Access Network Server
CANSComputer Applications and Network Services
CANSCabinet Architecture for Noise Suppression (SSN 21 radio room)
CANSChild Abuse and Neglect Screen
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Stick it in your frock, and then you can put it in water after.
What can a woman have to set her off better than her own hair, when it curls so, like yours?
Poyser, "we've heared nothing about him, for it's the boys' hollodays now, so we can give you no account.
If you can catch Adam for a husband, Hetty, you'll ride i' your own spring-cart some day, I'll be your warrant.
Moms have, for generations, relied on canned foods to seal in the nutrition, freshness and flavor of their favorite foods, and recent innovations -- like easy-to-open and pull-tab lids, as well as metal cans being 100 percent recyclable -- have made them even more invaluable for today's families," says Sherrie Rosenblatt, the institute's VP of marketing and communications.
Also, unlike food bought in cans, your canning jars are infinitely reusable (barring occasional, and inevitable, breakage).
The participation of the cans only goes towards the fines, not towards late fees, license suspensions, or warrant fees.
The event with the slogan 'All Together for a Better Tomorrow,' invites you to collect as many aluminium cans as possible and join the organisers at the Cans for Kids Recycle Centre in Kaimakli, Nicosia.
EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE CHILI 1 pound 95% lean ground beef Salt and pepper as desired 2 Tsbp olive or canola oil 4 cloves garlic, diced 1 medium onion, chopped 1 bell pepper, chopped 2 15-oz cans reduced-soduim beans (e.
It's exciting to now have the ability to offer more of our beers in cans," said Tess McFadden, marketing director at Boulder Beer.
Welz also suspects that cans, with a "double-crimped" seal, are better than bottles at preventing air from getting in-air being one of the main enemies of a delicious brew.
These empty cans, if not recycled, could surpass this generation, the next, and the next one after that as they EoACAybreak down' only after 50 to 100 years.