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CANTSChild Abuse and Neglect Tracking System (Illinois)
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They were rst asked to bite on a tongue depressor to evaluate parallelism of the occlusal plane with the interpupillary line and those with an occlusal plane cant were eliminated.
Percentages and frequencies were calculated for categorical variables like lip cant, gender etc.
Effects of cutting parameters on cutting forces and surface quality of black spruce cants.
Knife geometry is one of the principal parameters significantly affecting the chip size and cant surface properties.
The objective of this research was to determine the volume yield of lumber, cants, container parts and residues from red oak SDT.
The scragg mill was chosen because its design allows processing of logs into cants and lumber at high feed rates, and has low investment and operating costs (McCay and Wisdom 1984).
Integrated pallet mills will purchase small logs and saw them into pallet cants or lumber using small-log processing systems.
While it is important that pallet manufacturers strive to maximize yield and quality of cants and lumber, the occurrence of a log defect known as sweep limits traditional saw milling efficiency.
Cants and lumber typically account for over 60 percent of the operating costs.
Several studies over the last 30 years have examined the relationships between hardwood cants and the yield and quality of pallets parts obtained from them (Craft and Whitenack 1982, Craft and Emanuel 1981, Large and Frost 1974, Witt 1972).
Cants are the primary raw material for producing pallet part components, such as stringers (the structural center members that support the load) and deckboards (the top and bottom members that provide dimensional stability and product placement).
Longitudinal stress-wave NDE methods were used to assess the piles and the large octagonal cants obtained from them.