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CGTCapital Gains Tax
CGTCarrera GT (Porsche)
CGTCalifornia Guitar Trio (band)
CGTConfédération Générale du Travail (French Labor Union)
CGTCenter for Globalization of Technology
CGTConfederación General del Trabajo (Spanish: Federation of Trade Unions)
CGTCellular and Gene Therapy
CGTConfederação Geral dos Trabalhadores (Portuguese: General Confederation of Workers; Brazil)
CGTComputer Graphics Technology
CGTCentral Geral dos Trabalhadores (Brazil)
CGTCombinatorial Game Theory (mathematics)
CGTConfederación Nacional del Trabajo (Spanish Labour Union)
CGTCompensated Gross Tons (ship's capacity measure)
CGTCommissariat Général au Tourisme
CGTConfédération Générale des Travailleurs (French: labor union)
CGTCarolina Gas Transmission (South Carolina)
CGTClassic Golf Tours
CGTCitibank Global Transfer (online service)
CGTCompagnie Générale Transatlantique
CGTCode Generation Tool (computing)
CGTCanadian General-Tower Limited (Canada)
CGTCummins Generator Technologies
CGTCity Game Tracker
CGTCombustion Gas Turbine
CGTCompagnie Générale Transaérienne (French airline)
CGTCeramide Glucosyltransferase
CGTConventional Gait Training
CGTChurch Growth Today
CGTCertified Gastroenterology Technician
CGTCommunications Graphic Technology (certificate program)
CGTCanada and Gulf Terminal Railway Company
CGTCommandement du Groupement de Transport (French: Group Transport Command)
CGTComputer Generated Threat
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Yetman, "The Determinants of Capital Gains Tax Compliance: Evidence from the RJR Nabisco Leveraged Buyout," Journal of Public Economics, 84 (2002), pp.
More problematic, however, is that the capital gains tax rate reduction likely changed investor behavior.
In both of these decisions, the potential capital gains tax was included with other factors which reduced the value of the stock.
Because the maximum tax rate on individual ordinary income was 50%, a net effective maximum capital gains tax rate of 20% resulted.
SECP proposed that to simplify the calculation and achieve smooth implementation of capital gains tax, the rate should be frozen at existing level till June 30, 2014.
The financial committee of the Legislative Yuan resolved yesterday asking the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to review securities transaction tax rate and the offsetting of investment loss and gains, should it decide to levy capital gains tax for securities.
For investors who retain these assets, future capital gains tax increase will factor into their decisions of when to sell them, causing less supply, which would raise demand.
He's increased capital gains tax for the super rich by the same 10 per cent.
The owners of holiday homes will no longer be able to use the properties to defer capital gains tax payments or offset losses made on their investment against their income.
SECOND home owners could end up paying twice as much tax when they sell their properties under changes to the capital gains tax regime, it was warned yesterday.
BUSINESS leaders in North Wales say the recent announcement of the abolition of taper relief on capital gains tax (CGT) will be a major blow to businesses in the region.