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CAPRISCombat Active/Passive Radar Identification System
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Yes, fashion friends, while some of us were pressing the pleats in our khakis, designers were embroidering daisies on capri pants.
The show was famous for the use of a brace of hard-driven Capris while the boss of 'CI5' drove Granadas.
Say you're going on a five-day trip, here's a good rule of thumb for summer-packin': two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, a pair of capris or cargos, and five tops.
Bernardine Elementary School in Woodland Hills, is wearing a Union Bay hoodie, $34, with capris by Un Deux Trois, $30.
An entirely new brand of cotton fashions, La Senza Candy(TM) provides a fresh twist to La Senza's signature trend-setting style, with its array of bras, panties, tanks, camis and capris all in rainbow bright hues and punchy prints.
Anyway, to mark the occasion there are going to be several Capri gatherings around the country at which there will be Capris of all Mks and flavours.
Like a lot of 70s kitsch, Capris are enjoying a bit of a revival, so I'd see yours at somewhere between pounds 7,000 and pounds 10,000.
Old models such as Ford Capris or noisy Jags and Granadas seen in the opening scenes of cop drama The Sweeney are all the rage again.
Hooded zippered vests and jackets with matching shorts, capris, and long pants create a sporty style that can be mixed and matched based on the outside temperature.
The show was famous for the use of a brace of hard driven Capris while the boss of CI5 drove Granadas.
Simple standbys like T-shirts and capris look so much cuter when you choose styles with unique details, like bowed cuffs, and add adorable accessories, such as oversized pearl belts.