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carbCalifornia Air Resources Board
carbCenter for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
carbConsortium for Advanced Residential Buildings
carbCarburetion Day (Indy 500)
carbCheney Ashcroft Rumsfeld Bush
carbCilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus
carbCorrective Action Review Board
carbCommercial Airlift Review Board (Air Mobility Command)
carbClub Alfa Romeo Boxer (French automobile club)
carbCompact Aligning Roller Bearing
carbChannel Availability Radio Bulletin
carbClub Alfa Romeo de Bresse (French automobile club; La Bresse, France)
carbContracting Abuse Resolution Board
carbCoalition Acquisition Review Board (US Army)
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Volek sees this palmitoleic acid as a potential biomarker to signal when the body is converting carbs to fat, an early event that contributes to what he calls "metabolic mayhem." He adds, "There is no magical carb level, no cookie-cutter approach to diet, that works for everyone.
What this says is that they can actually have toast and other carbs in their diet and still have a great outcome, and it could even help improve their insulin resistance," she said in an interview.
Hernandez and her colleagues found that women tolerated higher complex carb/low glycemic index diets and that diets higher in unrefined carbs effectively blunted postprandial glycemia, reduced the need for insulin therapy, and improved insulin sensitivity, hemoglobin Alc, and systolic blood pressure.
CARB is currently completing its 2012 Technology Review to determine if the 3% limit is commercially and technologically feasible.
The amount of carbs you can eat per day is based on 'net carbs' - that's overall carb content minus fibre content.
As panel manufacturers wrestle with finding cost-effective ways to meet the sharply reduced formaldehyde emission limits spelled out in CARB phase 2, which begins to take effect Jan.
Of the 9,000 premature deaths reported annually in California from ambient levels of ozone and PM pollution, CARB attributes some 8% to emissions from ports and international goods movement, according to the board's Draft Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and International Goods Movement.
According to CARB, engineers working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered that manufacturers were employing dual calibrations on engines produced between 1993 and 1998.
By the summer of 2004, the Bacardi USA/Anheuser-Busch Bacardi Silver malternative line debuted Bacardi Silver Low Carb Black Cherry, with only 2.6 grams of carbs.
As a sports nutritionist, I am hearing an endless stream of confusion regarding what to eat, how to lose weight, what foods to avoid, which carbs are good and which are bad.
For example, the fact that they may have zero carbohydrate content, and that their labeling can now (include) that they have zero carb content.