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The test results show that the air fuel ratio of the electronic carburetor vehicle was maintained close to stoichiometric as in fuel injection vehicle which in turn reduce the emission to a considerable extent.
Inspection determined the carburetor accelerator pump discharge tube had come loose from its mount and lodged in the throttle valve plate, causing it to stick at 1900 rpm.
RAY: But since you can't get help rebuilding your carburetor, I'm going to suggest that you try to replace it.
But as the auto industry began making cars and trucks that didn't use carburetors, the factory work waned.
So clean the plug with carburetor cleaner and let it dry.
The air and fuel flow is through orifices into the mixing chamber of the carburetor which has baffle plates that enables proper mixing of air and fuel.
You will need plenty of clean, lint-free rags; some carburetor cleaner (visit your local auto parts store; I prefer aerosol carb cleaner); glass, glazed-ceramic or metal containers (or plastic that you know won't be dissolved by the cleaner); eye protection; and chemically stable gloves.
This is a recognised hazard with many light aircraft, which are equipped with a device to warm the carburetor periodically to prevent it.
It is well known that carburetor cleaner contains other solvents that are toxic, such as toluene, butane, and methylene chloride.
In addition, the carburetor is designed to improve fuel economy, according to the company.
It's the little aluminum plate that sits under the carburetor.
In my role as a roving troubleshooter/inspector for the M17-series decon, I find that; 25 percent; of the M17 connecting links between the carburetor and the engine vane are either missing or have had a piece of coat; hanger substituted.