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Activation of CaMKII, cSrc, PKC, and abnormal splicing of cardiac sodium channels are among the emerging new therapeutic targets.
In addition, ROS adversely affect splicing of mRNA of cardiac sodium channels resulting in abnormal truncated cardiac sodium channel proteins and a reduction in normal sodium channels.
Abnormal splicing of cardiac sodium channel mRNA is a possible mechanism for the decreased sodium current in arrhythmia.
The researchers say they envision a future where novel therapies, such as drugs that can enhance cardiac sodium channel expression or radiofrequency ablation procedures, can first be tested in the pig model before application to patients.
Recently, we have shown that the cardiac sodium channel (SCN5a) promoter region contains an NF-[kappa]B response element that could lead to [Na.sup.+] channel transcriptional regulation by an NF-KB-dependent mechanism (16).
Tandem promoters and developmentally regulated 5' and 3' mRNA untranslated regions of the mouse scn5a cardiac sodium channel. J Biol Chem 2005;280:933-40.
Consequently, we sought to determine if the sensitivity of cardiac sodium channels for brevetoxin congeners translates into the differential cardiovascular effects observable in embryonic sodium channel subtypes in vivo.
Brevetoxins have distinct effects on cardiac sodium channels and have been reported to have complex cardiovascular effects when administered to mammals (Borison et al 1985; Johnson et al.
2003, Type B brevetoxins show tissue selectivity for voltage-gated sodium channels: comparison of brain, skeletal muscle, and cardiac sodium channels, Toxicon 41(7):919-927