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CVS[not an acronym] (formerly Consumer Value Stores; pharmacy)
CVSConcurrent Versions System (open source software)
CVSComputer Vision Syndrome
CVSConvenience Store (financial reporting)
CVSCharlottesville (Amtrak station code; Charlottesville, VA)
CVSChorionic Villus Sampling (pre-natal test)
CVSCapcom vs. SNK (video game)
CVSCyclic Vomiting Syndrome
CVSConseil de la Vie Sociale (French: Council of Social Life)
CVSCardiovascular System
CVSCerebral Vasospasm
CVSComma-Separated Values
CVSSeaplane Carrier (US Navy)
CVSCatia Viewing Services
CVSCanvas Image
CVSCode Violation Section
CVSCustom Volume Set
CVSControl Version System
CVSConcurrent Version System
CVSCommercial Vehicles
CVSCornet Vincent Segurel (French law firm)
CVSCoves (street suffix)
CVSChippewa Valley Schools (Michigan)
CVSCredential Verification Service (various organizations)
CVSCoefficient de Variations Saisonnières (French: Coefficient of Seasonal Variation)
CVSCertified Value Specialist
CVSConstant Volume Sampler
CVSConstant Volume Sampling
CVSCrime Victim Survey (various organizations)
CVSCouncils for Voluntary Services
CVSCampus Virtuel Suisse (French: Swiss Virtual Campus)
CVSCode Versioning System
CVSComputerized Voting System
CVSCompliance Verification System (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
CVSCareer Values Scale (work beliefs assessment)
CVSCyclic Voltammetric Stripping (electrochemical analysis)
CVSContractor Verification System (US DoD)
CVSCultivated Varieties (botany)
CVSClearance Verification System
CVSComunicazione Valutaria Statistica (currency report for statistical purposes)
CVSCommercial Vehicle Show (UK)
CVSCoordinated Voltage Scaling (computing)
CVSCarrier Suitability
CVSCombat Vehicle System
CVSChocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry
CVSCompressed Voice System (RAD)
CVSCommunity Violence Solutions
CVSChrome Vanadium Steel
CVSChampagnes et Vins Service (French: Champagne and Wine Service)
CVSASW Aircraft Carrier
CVSCommercial Vehicle Systems, LLC
CVSCollege of Veterinary Science
CVSCommercial Vendor Services
CVSClient Volg Systeem
CVSChicago Vocational School (now Chicago Vocational Career Academy)
CVSAnti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier
CVSCharles Villiers Stanford (composer, conductor)
CVSCommercial Vessel Safety
CVSCombined Verification Section
CVSConstant Voltage Source
CVSCargo Visibility System
CVSChinese Vacuum Society
CVSCalgary Vegetarian Society (Alberta, Canada)
CVSCzech Vexillological Society
CVSCoronavirus 229e Susceptibility
CVSControlled Vocabulary System
CVSCustomer Value Store
CVSCentri Volontari della Sofferenza (International Confederation of the Volunteers of Suffering Centers)
CVSCeská Vakuová Spolecnost (Czech Vacuum Society)
CVSCentrum Pro Védská Studia (The Centre for Vedic Studies, Prague, Czech Republic)
CVSCompuVision Systems, Inc.
CVSCenter for Visiting Scholars
CVSClovis Cannon AFB, New Mexico, United States (airport code)
CVSChief Value Synthetic (fabric)
CVSClosed User Group Validation and Selection Request (ITU-T)
CVSCoding Violation - Section
CVSCustomers Value System
CVSCycle Verification System (Sprint)
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Selected 82 companies that either develop technologies for drug delivery to the cardiovascular system or products using these technologies are profiled and 80 collaborations between companies are tabulated.
He added, "We use nanosensors to see why vitamin D3 can be beneficial, especially for the function and restoration of the cardiovascular system".
The main disadvantages of the device are high dimensions of biosensor (5.6 x 0.7 mm), the weight of the wearable unit, short distance of wireless connection (up to 10 cm), inability to assess the state of the vascular wall, the lack of online communication, and most importantly, the risk of intra-arterial thrombosis due to intra-arterial implantation as well as the field of application (urgent medicine) with short-term control over the functioning of the cardiovascular system. At the same time the first successful preclinical studies of this system were successfully conducted (the sensor was implanted to five sheep for 3-5 days).
Environmental stimuli influence the cardiovascular system via the autonomic nervous system, which regulates involuntary body functions such as respiration and heartbeat.
"The drug contains the active substance Sibutramine and scientific studies have proven its side-effects on human health including side-effects on the cardiovascular system," he said.
Conclusions: The presented model is a useful tool for studying of the cardiovascular system pathology and the presented modeling data are in good agreement with the experimental ones.
Multiple lines of evidence suggest that psychological and psychosocial factors significantly affect the cardiovascular system and play an important role in the etiopathogenesis of cardiovascular disorders.
Even when seated, singing is an activity that exercises major muscle groups in the upper body - its aerobic nature improves the efficiency of the body's cardiovascular system
Over the study period, subjects who suffered a stroke or developed peripheral arterial disease (hardening of the arteries outside the brain and heart) experienced sharper mental declines than those whose cardiovascular system was healthy.
LAST SUMMER, in a press release that accompanied his report on secondhand smoke, Surgeon General Richard Carmona claimed "even brief exposure to secondhand smoke" adversely affects the cardiovascular system and increases the risk of heart disease.
A strong cardiovascular system is necessary for good hearing at any age, but it really makes a noticeable difference as we grown older.
"The evidence that exposure to air pollutants has important effects on the cardiovascular system is of public health concern and calls for greater research," said COMEAP chair Jon Ayres.
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