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CARDSCOMSEC (Common Spectral MASINT Exploitation Capability) Accounting, Reporting and Distribution System
CARDSCommunity Assistance for Reconstruction Development and Stabilisation ( EU)
CARDSCentral Archive for Reusable Defense Software
CARDSCollaborative Atorvastatin Diabetes Study
CARDSComputerized Automated Reminder Diabetes System
CARDSComprehensive Aerological Reference Data Set
CARDSCentral Archive for Reusable Defense Software (now Comprehensive Approach for Reusable Defense Software)
CARDSCanadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund in Saskatchewan
CARDSCommunity Assistance to Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation (EU)
CARDSComprehensive Approach for Reusable Defense Software (formerly Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software)
CARDSConcept And Requirements Definition Study
CARDSCombat Aircraft Recording and Data System
CARDSConference Administration and Registration Database System (Web application developed in 2001)
CARDSCatalog of Approved Requirement Documents
CARDSCash Receipts and Disbursements System
CARDSCask Railcar Dynamic Simulator
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All Rostov's cards were beaten and he had eight hundred rubles scored up against him.
The man remained standing where he could watch the Frenchman's cards. Tarzan was puzzled, but he was all attention now, nor did he permit another detail of the incident to escape him.
Reaching over Daylight's shoulder, she picked up his hand and read it, at the same time shielding the faces of the five cards close to his chest.
While he was at a loss, Carton said, resuming his former air of contemplating cards:
"Nothing can make matters worse than they are," she thought, despairingly, as Arnold dealt the cards for her.
'I had no intention to offend,' said the old man, looking anxiously at the cards. 'I thought that--'
Sarah sat down to her typewriter and slipped a card between the rollers.
''Cos if it is, jist you step in to him with that 'ere card, and say Mr.
He took up his cards one by one, and as he snatched up the last he groaned.
Cluny stopped mingling the cards. "What in deil's name is this?" says he.
Now, our friend the Colonel had a great aptitude for all games of chance: and exercising himself, as he continually did, with the cards, the dice- box, or the cue, it is natural to suppose that he attained a much greater skill in the use of these articles than men can possess who only occasionally handle them.
le Cardinal de Mazarin, who gave a card party to the king and queen.
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