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CARECooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc.
CAREChristian Action Research and Education (UK)
CAREComprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency
CARECarpet America Recovery Effort
CARERyan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act
CARECapitol Reef National Park (US National Park Service)
CARECredit Abuse Resistance Education
CARECoalition of Americans for Research Ethics
CARECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (US EPA)
CARECooperative for American Relief Everywhere
CARECustomer Account Record Exchange
CARECalifornia Alternative Rates for Energy
CARECoalition for Auto Repair Equality
CARECooperative for American Remittances to Europe
CARECombined Accident Reduction Effort (Illinois State Police)
CARECommission on Aging and Retirement Education (Baltimore, Maryland)
CARECardiac Arrhythmias Research and Education Foundation
CARECivil and Resource Engineering
CARECalifornia Alternate Rates for Energy Program
CARECustomers Are Really Everything (sales employee training)
CARECritical Analysis Reporting Environment (crash data)
CAREClinical Assessment of the Reliability of the Examination
CARECenter for Academic and Research Excellence (various locations)
CARECottage And Rural Enterprises
CAREControlling Alcohol Risks Effectively
CARECredit Analysis & Research Limited (India)
CARECustomer Automation and Reporting Environment
CAREComputer Aided Reverse Engineering
CARECustoms Administrative Reforms (Pakistan)
CARECost and Return Estimator
CAREComputer Assistance Resource Exchange
CARECurtailing Abuse Related to the Elderly
CARECamano Action for a Rural Environment (Stanwood, WA)
CAREComputer-Aided Reliability Estimation
CARECitizens Against A Radioactive Environment
CARECapital Area Response Effort
CARECo-Operative Actions of R&D in Eurocontrol (Air Traffic management research program)
CARECreating Animal Respect Education
CARECongressional Advocacy Recruitment Effort
CARECustomer Analysis and Reporting (Bluespring)
CARECustomer Automation & Reporting Environment
CAREChild Abuse Resource Enhancement
CAREChemical Abuse Resistance Education
CAREChiropractic Association for Research and Education
CARECaring Assistance with Resourceful Experience
CARECleveland Association of Rescue Employees
CARECoronary Artery Risk Evaluation
CARECommunity Action for Revival and Empowerment (Trinidad & Tobago)
CARECareer Awareness and Resource Education Program (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
CARECarrier Account Record Exchange (Sprint)
CAREComputer Aided Reliability Evaluation
CARECardiovascular, Chronic and Aged Care
CARECardiac and Respiratory Education
CAREChristian Addiction Recovery and Education
CAREConcerned About Recess and Education
CAREChoice, Ask, Recommend, Encourage
CARECarrier Access Records Exchange (telecommunications)
CARECustomers for Access Rate Equity
CAREComputed-Aided Risk Evaluation
CARECitizens for Alternate Routing of Electricity (Chino Hills, CA)
CARECommunity Alliance for Results in Education
CARECooperative Agencies for Resources in Education
CAREChildcare Adoption and Recruitment for Education
CAREcataloging and rapid entry process
CARECampaign for Advancement of Reusch's Exposes
CAREClosure And Realignment Effort/Execution
CARECost Accumulating, Reporting & Evaluation
CARECustomer Assistance Research & Education
CARECommunities Against Radioactive Environments (Queensland, Australia)
CARECentre for Advanced Research and Education
CARECommunities Accepting Responsibility in Education
CAREContact, Authentication, Replicate, recent Events ( support)
CARECrisis Awareness and Recovery in Education
CAREConsolidated Assistance & Relocation Effort
CARECentre for Assessment, Research and Evaluation (Bhutan)
CARECenter for Aromatherapy Research and Education (Marble Hill, MO)
CAREChrist Alone Redeems Eternally (church; Philippines)
CARECoordinated Accelerator Research in Europe (EU)
CAREContamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (Australia)
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Kirk and his wife pay premiums to a managed care health plan.
The advent of managed care on a large scale in the late 1980s and early 1990s was centered on what employers needed most--immediate cost containment.
The implications of the GAO report are vital to the VA's long-term care planning.
To be sure, health care reform is a complex, difficult task with no easy fixes and plenty of economic, societal, legal and governmental land mines along the way, but a firm set of overarching principles should help guide our thinking and prioritize our actions:
The analyses, including 1,808 women receiving collaborative care and 1,149 receiving traditional care, were based primarily on data from medical records.
These nursing homes have demonstrably outperformed their peers on almost 200 specific quality of care and quality of life benchmakers.
Two prevalence surveys of infections among patients of Missouri home health agencies were conducted by CDC in collaboration with the Missouri Alliance for Home Care (MAHC) and the Missouri Department of Health, the first during summer (June 1-30, 1999) and the second during winter (February 15-March 15, 2000).
Just as in the United States, the Australian government attempts to limit the amount it spends on aged care, both by setting the rate it pays providers and by controlling the number of residents or home care clients that providers can serve at government expense.
It is difficult to categorize health care professionals who work with environmental issues.
4 percent of families with children under the age of 6 had mothers employed full-time, it is time for the United States to provide high quality, publicly-supported child care for all working mothers.
The rhetorical mantra is ``did you know that there are 40 million children who do not have health care insurance?