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CGComputer Graphics
CGCenter of Gravity
CGComplete Games (baseball; pitching)
CGCoast Guard
CGGuided Missile Cruiser
CGComputer Generated
CGCommanding General (US DoD)
CGComputational Geometry
CGCard Game
CGCharacter Generator
CGCorporate Governance
CGCommon Ground
CGCayman Islands
CGColor Guard
CGConceptual Graph
CGCloud to Ground (lightning)
CGCommunications Group (USAF)
CGCrna Gora (Montenegro)
CGCode Generation
CGConjugate Gradient (iterative method)
CGDemocratic Republic of the Congo
CGCute Girl
CGCovergirl (cosmetics)
CGConsumer Goods
CGCode Geass (anime)
CGChe Guevara (revolutionary)
CGCall Girl
CGConsul General
CGCapital Gain (finance)
CGRepublic of Congo (country code, top level domain)
CGConsultative Group
CGComptroller General
CGCanadian Geographic Magazine
CGClinical Governance
CGConstruction General (USACE)
CGCertified Genealogist
CGCute Guy
CgC for Graphics (nVidia's Shader Language)
CGCompass Group
CGContact Group
CGChaotic Good (gaming)
CGCarlyle Group
CGCenter Grove (High School)
CGComplementation Group
CGChat Group (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
CGCoarse Graining
CGCrabgrass (botany)
CGCell Group
CGControls Group
CGCrossing Guard
CGCharging Gateway
CGCord Grip
CGCommunication Gnome
CGClassification Guide
CGCorner Guard (construction)
CGChannel Guard (Ericsson/General Electric)
CGCombustion Gas
CGCommand Guidance
CGCiliary Ganglion
CGCeremonial Guard
CGCorrespondence Group
CGComputer Genius
CGComparative Government (political science)
CGCockcroft and Gault
CGChappe et Gessalin (French automobile maker; est. 1957)
CGCity Graphic
CGClimb Gradient (aviation)
CGCookie Grabber (gaming)
CGCoimbra Group (est. 1985)
CGCrystal Gateway (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
CGCommunications Gateway
CGCitizens Gas
CGChanging of the Guards (military ceremony)
CGConsolidated Guidance
CGCall Guard (GE two-way radio)
CGChristian-Gamers (gaming group)
CGCertificate of Graduation
CGCabri Geometry
CGChange Guide
CGCyanogenic Glucoside
CGContadora Group
CGCisgender (non-transgender)
CGConnection Gateway
CGConcentration Guide
CGChairman’s guidance (US DoD)
CGCompilation Guide
CGChaos Guild
CGCentral of Georgia Railway Company
CGComputers and Games Conference
CGClinton Group Inc. (Canada)
CGContingency Guidance
CGClan Genocide (gaming clan)
CGCelera Genomics Corporation
CGCertified Graphologist
CGComparative Genocide
CGCarolina Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
CGContact Guarding
CGChampion Gathering (Christianity)
CGCapacity Gages
CGCentro Guía (Guatemala, religious group gathering center)
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The percentage of participants ages 71 or older was 8% for the primary caregiver group and 5% for the non-primary group.
Results: Out of a total of 92 caregivers of 100 schizophrenic patients who continued with study, 83 scored more than GHQ 12 cut off score.
The questions focus on major areas such as caregiver's health, psychological well-being, finances, social life, and the relationship between the caregiver and the care recipient.
The caregiver is also entitled to an aggregate rest period of eight hours per day and 24 hours per week.
Release of medical information is limited, of course, by federal HIPAA regulations, so written consent by the patient or his representative must also be obtained in order to provide the caregiver with necessary information.
Unable to bear this burden, the caregiver is bound to experience depression, although as discussed earlier, the presence or absence and also the intensity of depression (if present) depends on a variety of factors and hence varies from one individual to another.
See also: 8 new facts about LTC caregivers who suffer
If they understand the burden and distress experienced by their caregiver, they can work with their caregiver to improve their mental health.
Caregivers perform a variety of tasks and face heavy burdens: 22% of military caregivers report spending more than 40 hours per week providing care.
Family caregivers matter to their loved ones, spending an average of 20 hours per week providing care—many of them care for their loved ones around the clock.
2) Caregivers who are able to confront the challenges of caregiving are generally found to experience reduced caregiver burden and personal growth through the process of caregiving.
The Gerson Institute developed a program to train and certify caregivers in the various components of the Gerson Therapy, to enable them to help persons desiring to do the Gerson Therapy at home, or to continue doing the therapy after leaving the clinic.