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CACONCargo Container (NASA)
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This study is focused on the LD-3 cargo container as a case study; however the design concepts could be extended and applied to any other ULD.
Cobalt-60 from a medical device, improperly disposed in Saudi Arabia and loaded with scrap metal bound for Italy, exposes the challenges of inspecting cargo containers
According to JAL, the pilot found the cargo container, measuring about 1.
Maritime counterterrorism efforts are too focused on port security and cargo containers, leaving cruise ships and ferries wide open to the possibility of deadly and costly terrorist attacks, according to a book-length study of the issue by Rand Corp.
CDS bundles, which use standard Army A-22 cargo containers for both high- and low-velocity aerial delivery, were dropped at a rate of 220 to 360 per day during this operation.
Claydon has told the trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands that fragments of the cargo container believed to have housed the explosive device were evidence that flight 103 did indeed crash as the result of a high-energy blast.
Their aim: to test how terrorist bombs inside baggage and cargo containers tear apart an airplane.
The Washoe County Purchasing Office is currently accepting sealed bids to purchase Cargo Container (Conex-type) Building Props for use by the Regional Public Safety Training Center for emergency response training.
The international shipping industry faces a challenge: enhancing cargo container security without impeding traffic flow.
An unknown number of buccaneers boarded the ship Arctic Ocean on May 10, in Guayaquil, breaking open a cargo container and stealing computers, printers and other high-tech equipment.