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TAKCargo Ship (US DoD)
TAKTechnische Akademie Konstanz (German: Technical Academy of Constance; Constance, Germany)
TAKTotal Annihilation: Kingdoms (Cavedog game)
TAKTheta Alpha Kappa (national honor society for religion and Ttheology)
TAKTaal Aktie Komitee (Dutch: Language Action Committee; Belgium)
TAKTom's Lossless Audio Kompressor (software)
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Tons of planks spill off the cargo ship's deck and float away
The captured vessels include a Saudi supertanker loaded with $100 million of oil, the Sirius Star, and a Ukrainian cargo ship carrying some 30 Soviet-era tanks, the MV Faina.
Last Saturday a number of fishermen ran for cover after breaking waves from another cargo ship the "Laura Kosan" slammed into the rocks.
The cargo ship that capsized in a fjord near Bergen, Norway on Monday evening (19 January) may have hit rocks that are only marked on new charts, according to the Norwegian Hydrographic Service.
HUMAN TRAFFIC: Hundreds of illegal immigrants crowd the lower deck of the Arkan I cargo ship as police authorities inspect the ship harboured in Crotone, southern Italy
Police expect more bodies will be found as crews continue to off-load the 8,700 ton cocoa shipment from the cargo ship Karonga, which departed from Abdijan about two weeks ago.
An MSA patrol boat initially spotted the cargo ship in the Pacific about 160 km southwest of Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, on Aug.
He raced his tiny vessel 80 miles from shelter after the Greek master of the cargo ship sent out an SOS.
The length of dry cargo ship is 123.5 meters with a width of 15 meters.
Ronnie Gil Gavan, commander of PCG Southwestern Mindanao District, said his unit was on tracking maritime patrol when they intercepted MV J-Phia, an 80-footer cargo ship some 25 nautical miles southwest of Olutanga on Sunday evening.
The second vessel involved was a Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship carrying 64,000 tons of grain.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Navy dispatched its 46th flotilla of warships to the high seas to protect the country's cargo ships and oil tankers against pirates.