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CAROComputer Antivirus Research Organization
CAROCanadian Association of Radiation Oncologists
CAROComputer Anti-Virus Researchers' Organization
CAROCommon Anatomy Reference Ontology (biology)
CAROClub Auto Rétro de l'Ourcq (French automobile club)
CAROCanadian Artists' Representation Ontario (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CAROCentral Army Records Office (Australia)
CAROCompanies Auditors Report Order
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De nuevo al alzar la mirada sobre los acontecimientos del ano de 1808 y evaluando el papel de los escritores espanoles, Caro noto el peligro de afrancesamiento y jacobinismo que habia influido a muchos pensadores hispanoamericanos:
The POEA has scheduled conciliatory meetings with Caro and her agency to determine the nature of the FRA's violation, and the amount of compensation due to her, as stipulated in her two-year contract.
En ella se escucha la voz de Caro Quintero interrogando a Kiki en una casa (de la calle Lope de Vega), en Guadalajara.
Revealing his plans to the media at the Oman Football Association headquarters on Saturday, Lopez Caro named the a list of 31 players for the forthcoming internal and external camps and also revealed the friendly matches during the extended training session.
We had booked to go for the boys' 18th birthdays and Karl's 60th, so I thought I would visit the gallery to check it out and if it turned out to be a shed then I'd know it was a scam," said Caro.
Caro takes a risk in using such a twist, but the risk pays off.
Albuquerque police spokesman, Officer Tanner Tixier, told the Associated Press that authorities believe it was a random robbery attempt and that Russell and De Caro were not "targeted for who they were.
Caro claims Kunis loved her little chicken so much she'd come over to play with it all the time.
A este respecto, el catolicismo integrista mostraba mayor consistencia al desprender sus ideas del Syllabus y la enciclica Quanta Cura de Pio ix, y de otros teoricos ultramontanos o contrarrevolucionarios en los que se inspiraria Caro.
Caro was fascinated by the work I was doing with the woodfired kiln and he would occasionally stop by and purchase some work for himself as well as presents for his friends.
Inspired by a ride on Line 1 of the Paris Metro, which runs from the fourteenth-century Chateau de Vincennes in the east to the late twentieth-century La Defense in the west, Caro bases her book on the obvious premise that the built environment evokes the past and that a chronological charting of this environment--by means of the modern "time machine" of the train (or car, the device she used in a previous book on the history of France)--helps one to make sense of history.
5) "El gran decomiso en el rancho El Bufalo, de Caro Quintero," El Universal, August 9, 2013.