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CAROMContent Addressable Read Only Memory
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Carom, for example, does not include pockets and is played with three balls, while snooker is played using 22 balls, and pool with 15.
The Waves' Megan Woods deposited the carom in the back of the net at the 20:23 mark to give Pepperdine (7-1) the early lead.
The district court agreed that the judgment was void as to Carom and Asirom, because they were not ADAS' successors for purposes of the re-insurance contracts.
The book re-creates the excitement of spontaneous seminar discussion, as minds come alive and ideas carom from one participant to another.
Inner-tubers will carom down a slope through "S" turns, straightaways and grades up to 25 degrees.
The men dressed in sarongs (costumes by Lies Van Assche) bounce off each other and carom into barrel turns that spin into the ground.
If the foul tip does somehow hit the hand, it will carom off the palm or the fingers, not hit straight on.
My edition of The Washington Post Deskbook on Style, a relic of the Jimmy Carter years, displays "Careen (to move rapidly and uncontrollably, especially nautically); career (to move at full speed); carom (to glance off).
A series of weekly games were conducted for cricket, basketball, bowling, badminton, billiards, carom, and volleyball.
The two-day mega event included: Tug of war, badminton, table tennis, ludo and Carom Board.
Men's 1 Cushion Carom (Efren Reyes, Francisco Dela Cruz)