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CARVECarbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (US NASA)
CARVECompletely Arbitrary Regional Volume Excitation (medical imaging)
CARVECriticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, and Effect
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If you use the corner of the square wood for the face, you can carve a carrot nose out of it.
Friends hire him to carve canes of various people, he said.
17, and was invited to come and carve it in Ohio, and thus break his own record again.
Although decoy carvers have made up a good portion of their customer base over 27 years in business, the LaGoys said most people come to them wanting to learn how to carve song birds.
The most likely explanation for the abrupt appearance of these fossils, Young says, is that a west-flowing tributary of the ancestral lower Colorado River began to carve a small valley eastward into the edge of the Colorado Plateau.
Working with limestone from demolished buildings and with chisels made from old railroad spikes, he began to carve simple tombstones for his local community, often decorating them with doves or other birds.
"Unlike many people who completely sketch their designs on the pumpkin first, I wing it--just carve as I go.
I had heard of people hand-carving stamps from erasers, so I bought a book on the subject, some plastic erasers and began to carve my own stamps using linoleum knives.
Armed with a chisel or other carving tool, a chunk of wood and an eye for detail, nearly anyone can carve a three-dimensional woodland animal, Lorne J.
"When you carve stone, it sings back to you," Ferguson muses.
Whether you want to carve a simple face, or stencil, cut and paint the University of Oregon logo on the side of your pumpkin (see box at right), your first step is to choose a carving block, er sphere.
The German won the coveted Claymore Trophy for the second year running at the Scottish Open Chainsaw Carving Competition - popularly known as Carve Carrbridge.