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a clerk of whom more anon) caricatured the cashier by drawing a head in a wig at the top of an egg, and two little legs at the other end, with this inscription: "Born to pay out and take in without blundering.
At the moment of which we are now writing, the minister was looking at his cashier very much as we gaze at a window or a cornice, without supposing that either can hear us, or fathom our secret thoughts.
The cashier listened and heard, but reluctantly and against his will.
I am there in his hotel, you will understand, as cashier, not as cat-thrower.
Etisalat's Mobile Cashier service transforms merchants' smart devices like phones or tablets into business-grade point of sale terminals, enabling them to accept debit, credit and pre-paid cards in a secure and simple-to-use environment.
The cashier opens the cash drawer and handed PS140 in cash to him.
A con whereby a customer pays for a small item with a large note, then confuses the cashier by claiming they actually have the correct amount.
The board is two-sided and rotates so cashiers can quickly reference more than 300 SKUs.
Salary band 1 Assistant Receptionist / Cashier / Cashier 2A Reports to: Administrative manager Deputy: TBC The German Government via its Ministry of Development, BMZ, has granted the KR-I a large donation to increase the resilience of IDPs, refugees and Hosting communities in 3 governorates, Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.
According to a police report, two men entered the kiosk and attacked the 25-year-old cashier with a metal chain and brass knuckles, injuring him on the head and torso, robbed the cash register and fled.
Months later, the same cashier gave a relative a free [euro]2 drink - but put the money in the till himself.
Each cashier provided a receipt sample from her/his place of employment that was at least 12 in long and was stored in a Ziploc[R] bag (these bags do not contain BPA).