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CSHRCentre for the Study of Human Rights
CSHRCenter for the Study of Human Resources
CSHRComprehensive School Health Research (University of Prince Edward Island, Canada)
CSHRCongenital Self-Healing Reticulohistiocytosis
CSHRCentre for the Study of Human Relations (University of Nottingham, UK)
CSHRCoarse Sandy Hilly Region (Australia)
CSHRCitizens Solidarity for Human Rights
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"When any one of its members is under suspicion," replied the Cashier, "the Association undertakes to clear his character by submitting evidence that he was never a prominent member of any church, nor foremost in Sunday-school work."
Recognising the value to the bank of a spotless reputation for its officers, the President drew his check for the amount of the shortage and the Cashier was restored to favour.
Formerly book-keeper at the Treasury, when that establishment kept its books by double entry, the Sieur Saillard was compensated for the loss of that position by his appointment as cashier of a ministry.
(a clerk of whom more anon) caricatured the cashier by drawing a head in a wig at the top of an egg, and two little legs at the other end, with this inscription: "Born to pay out and take in without blundering.
At the moment of which we are now writing, the minister was looking at his cashier very much as we gaze at a window or a cornice, without supposing that either can hear us, or fathom our secret thoughts.
The cashier listened and heard, but reluctantly and against his will.
She'd make a good wife for the cashier. And the musician woman!
But in Martin's estimation the whole tribe of bank cashiers fell a few hundred per cent, and for the rest of the evening he labored under the impression that bank cashiers and talkers of platitudes were synonymous phrases.
Morrel is in his room, is he not, Mademoiselle Julie?" said the cashier.
"The house of Thomson & French; at least, so my cashier tells me."
I am there in his hotel, you will understand, as cashier, not as cat-thrower.
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