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CASSISClassified And Search Support Information System
CASSISClassification and Search Support Information System
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me de cassis, violets and chocolate box not plus hints of lilacs, raspberry leaves, anise and cardamom.
Cassis spent 28 years with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, where he held various executive positions including Senior Vice President, Operations South America and Global Initiatives Latin America, a position in which he managed a portfolio of 37 properties across Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.
The bouquet is gorgeous, with both an earthy and savory bent, vet exhibiting plenty of ripe, black-fruit aromas; full bodied and luscious, but with a backbone of tannins that, though firm, remain quite smooth; light tints of cocoa and earth linger on the edges while ripe and juicy black cherry, currant, cassis and blueberry roll across the palate.
Country: SingaporeSector: Business and Consumer Services, IT/Online ServicesTarget: Cassis InternationalBuyer: Morpho, Safran SAType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
The CASSIS Trusted Service Manager distributes, provisions and activates the applications and services of the service providers and is considered the middle man between MNOs and third party service providers.
Despite the economic climate, the number of stands at this year's event, staged on October 24-25, remains the same as in previous years and includes 15 newcomers including Jo Hilditch, who will be bringing her awardwinning British cassis to the festival.
Cassis manages to carefully balance the coverage of the banking sector and stock markets throughout.
A plush wine with classic cassis, dark choco late, a touch of cedar, and fine tannins.
Tokyo, Singapore, Feb 21, 2008 - (JCN Newswire) - JCB and CASSIS International (CASSIS) announced today an agreement to collaborate in an experiment to test NFC over-the-air (OTA) services.
Kir Royal is a cocktail made from Creme de Cassis and sparkling wine and is a variant of the traditional Kir, which became popular in France in the late 1800's.
Montgomery's Cassis Travel Services in Los Angeles is one of only a few dozen travel agencies in North America offering suborbital trips to the edge of space, where tourists can experience a few minutes of weightlessness.