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CASTERCoded Aperture Survey Telescope for Energetic Radiation (NASA)
CASTERCryptologic Analytic Support Terminal
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She looks up high in the stands to see her winged partner, Ziva, a beautiful, large white gyr-saker falcon, whom she's handled from a baby, or, as Caster puts it, "a little dark feathery puffball.
A four-station plunger directional lock that converts a swivel caster into a fixed (rigid) caster for straight-line travel.
Located in Rhode Island, Caster is an award-winning agency specializing in PR, communications and social media strategy for public, private and start-up companies in the consumer electronics, smart home, digital health, mobile, and IoT/IIoT technology markets.
Sure there are motors that can be added to casters and carts, but we are the first to put them together into one unit for industrial applications," said Caster Concepts CEO Bill Dobbins.
Alloy steel company TimkenSteel (NYSE:TMST) on Friday announced an open house ceremony to celebrate the commissioning of its new USD200m, 270 feet jumbo bloom vertical caster at the Faircrest Steel Plant in Canton.
Each Colossus caster was designed with a spring-loaded suspension system to absorb shock.
A standard lock prevents the wheel from turning but doesn't stop the caster from rotating around its plate or stem.
Chop up the raspberries and sprinkle with 1 tbsp caster sugar.
For the blueberry compote, reserve a few of the blueberries for garnish and put the rest in a For the blueberry compote, reserve a few of the blueberries for garnish and put the rest in a saucepan with the caster sugar and orange peel.
Designed with safety and security in mind the caster includes a spring that moves with adjustable rubber pads at the end of a solid steel frame.
Caster Concepts took ownership with effect from 15 June and is relocating LARCASTERa[euro](tm)s operations to its base in Albion, Michigan.
The company furthered that it has set up two separate business divisions to handle the major business scopes, namely caster and bearing manufacturing, respectively, and has built integrated production lines from product designing and prototyping, mold developing to plastic injection, punching, assembly and packaging at the factory.